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By dbn52 on Nov 17, 2023

Wonderful service. Very knowledgeable and explains issues so u can undetstand.

By cindy fitts on Oct 17, 2023

As an insurance agent, I have worked with this law firm for more than twenty years. The community association industry is very unique and requires the professional detail and knowlege Marshall, Jim, Sandy and their staff collectively provide. They continuously evolve as our industry is ever changing! I never hesitate to send my clients to partner with this group!!!

By Paul Briskovic on Oct 17, 2023

Wonderful law firm and great communication from all parties involved. Janet and Pauly from Chicagoland Community Management, LLC

By Jeffrey Bates on Aug 17, 2023

I would never hire this firm or any of its lawyers. My experience with this law firm is that they are absolutely horrible.

By Greg Anger on Aug 17, 2023

Truly unprofessional. They render baseless legal opinions and then attempt to bar you from reaching out for clarification or analysis. Very disappointed in the representation they have provided to our HOA.

By Cathleen Philbin on Aug 17, 2023

They represent our condo association by invalidating legitimate votes passed at scheduled board meetings on Zoom. They provide no valid reasons or case law to support their legal declarations. Officers of the court need to do better!

By Gina DePompei on Aug 17, 2023

Look further. The reviews don’t lie. This firm represents our condo association yet refuses to engage any board members other than our president and hides behind a cloak of anonymity when it comes to any of their rulings or opinions. Refuses to communicate to the association on letterhead because they don’t want their firm information disclosed…. Really?

By Rebecca Anger on Aug 17, 2023

If I could give zero stars I would. This law firm represents the condo association that I live in. They have aligned themselves with a rogue board member and refuse to answer any questions. They write sub-par legal opinions with no citations to back them up. They don't print these opinions on letterhead because, "they don't want board members or owners contacting them." As if we couldn't just do a simple GOOGLE search. I'm an attorney myself and would never NEVER hire this incompetent and disgraceful law firm.

By Samuel Irvine on Aug 17, 2023

This law firm represents my condo association and they embody unprofessionalism. Please do your research and consider another law firm for your legal work.

By Varun Thakkar on Aug 17, 2023

Dickler’s name matches his character and attitude fairly well. This “attorney” law firm is the worst firm you could hire if you need anything done with substantiating supporting material. Writing “legal opinions” with nothing to back it up is their expertise. Good luck hiring a law firm that works with fraudulent individuals to make a quick buck.

By emmilee murphy on Aug 17, 2023

By Michael Antry on Aug 17, 2023

By Gina D. on Aug 05, 2023

Currently our attorney for our HOA and refuses to speak with anyone or answer any questions from anyone other than our board president. Refuses to speak with even our board members.  Offered opinions without citing case law, refuses to submit opinions on letterhead because they dont want to be contacted.  Move on...don't consider them.  All they are doing is bilking our association...29k billing for one month (reduced to 20k in good faith..kicked back to our president?  Perhaps?) and we have the premium plan.  Don't bother.  
Here's an example:
Important notice from the "_*_*_" Condominium Association Legal Team
Dear "_*_*_" Owners:
As the attorneys for the Association, we have reviewed the recording of the purported board meeting that occurred on July 27, 2023, in its entirety. In our opinion President Cruz was not removed as the Board President. Accordingly, President Cruz remains the Board President. We informed the Board and Management of this. The purpose of this notice is for information only, and we are not inviting any discussion. Please do not communicate to the attorneys or Management about this.  We will not discuss this matter further and we will not respond, and Management will not discuss or respond.
We also remind everyone to follow the proper procedures and protocols at the board meetings to ensure an orderly meeting. Only one person at a time is to speak, and only when called upon by the meeting chairperson. When the meeting is by Zoom all attendees must keep themselves muted unless and until called upon. Any attendees who do not comply or who interfere with the meeting may be subject to removal from the meeting.
Thank you.
Dickler, Kahn, Slowikowski, & Zavell, Ltd

By LISA on Apr 17, 2023

Worst law firm ever! Elsa the receptionist really needs a lesson on how she talks to people. Very rude people and they don't even know the law, they think they can do whatever they want.

By Sarah Gates on Apr 17, 2022

Mr Zavell was great to work with and took care of our problem excellent job!

By Janet Castro on Apr 17, 2021

I have never dealt with such unprofessional character. There was very offensive language used in an email that was mistakenly sent to the wrong person from this law firm. I would expect people working at such place would be more careful in their actions. No apology was given from the person nor the handling attorney. Goes to show the moral in the practice. Regardless if you are representing the plantiff or the defendant there is no reason to be rude when someone walks into your office. I felt very uncomfortable walking in there. The person got on the phone with the attorney regardimg why I was there, she made snobby comments right in front of me. Their unprofessional ethics is extreme.

By Paul Wharton on Apr 17, 2020

Seasoned True Professionals. They get the job done each and every time.

By Bruno Monkis on Apr 17, 2020

They always deliver sound advice and zealous representation for me and my business. Howard and the team are the best!

By Robert Casey on Apr 17, 2020